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11 Tips For Getting Better Sleep

September 20, 2019

My Non-Toxic Lash Routine

July 2, 2019

Benefits of Ice Rolling Your Face ( + How To )

May 11, 2019

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February 11, 2020

Winter is always a struggle when it comes to keeping my skin looking it's best. Between dry heat from heaters, the cold air outside, holiday treats, and just not drinking enough water because, well it's cold, I always battle dryness, redness and puffiness in the colder...

July 2, 2019

Over the last year or so, I’ve been trying to swap out the products I use in my house and on my body for cleaner, more sustainable options, and makeup has honestly been one of the hardest categories for me to transition. Finding out that so many of my favorite brands t...

June 2, 2019

Last year when I decided to start swapping out my beauty products for non-toxic versions, one of the first things I swapped was my deodorant. I had read about the long-term health issues that have been linked to conventional deodorant, and for me it just wasn’t worth t...

May 11, 2019

A few months ago, some of the holistic beauty bloggers I follow started posting about ice rolling so I decided to do a little of my own research and ultimately try it out for myself. If you watch my stories on Instagram, you know I’ve been obsessed with ice rolling for...

February 4, 2019

If you're anything like me, you're a sucker for good marketing and cute packaging. Over the years this has led me to buy more beauty products than I could ever need, and as I've become more educated on sustainability and the environmental impact of plastics, I've start...

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