Holiday Gift Guide: 23 Ideas For Your Man

December 4, 2018

Whether you're in a new relationship, or you've been with your guy for years, gift-giving can be stressful. Most of us at one point or another feel like we've already used all of our best ideas, like our man buys himself everything he mentions he wants, or just unsure of what's appropriate at the stage of the relationship we're in. 


After many years of asking my brother and guy friends for ideas, and trial and error with the gifts I've given, I feel pretty confident in my boo-thang gift giving abilities and I wanted to share some of my best ideas to hopefully help you find the perfect thing for your man. 


The biggest thing when it comes to gift giving in my opinion is to remember to be thoughtful and intentional and focus on things that your specific man is interested in. In the months before Christmas, I typically keep a note in my phone and write down all the little things my boyfriend mentions he wants or likes so when Christmas comes around, I already have a head start. For the most part, men are pretty simple if you take the time to think about their wants and needs. When I'm shopping for gifts, I always try to think about things my boyfriend wouldn't buy himself, but I know he'd love. 


I've included some serious, some funny, some big and some little gift ideas for your favorite man. 



1. Tickets to a concert or a show. Nothing beats the gift of an experience whether it be a concert, a massage, or a sky-diving trip. Two of my favorite places to look for deals on experiences are Groupon and VividSeats


2. Sunglasses


3. Bar Cart If your man already has a bar cart, consider getting him things to add to it like some cool glasses, a unique shaker or whiskey rocks. 


4. Shower Speaker I received one of these as a gift many years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. Last year I got this one for my boyfriend and let me tell you, once you shower with your own personal speaker to jam along with, there's no going back. 


5. Mixtape This is an outdated and cheesy but cute idea that is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. You can include your favorite songs, songs that make you think of him, inside joke songs, etc. 


6. Candles  This is one of the many things guys don't always think to buy themselves, but always enjoy.


7. A framed photo or quote. Most guys like to act tough, but that doesn't mean they don't appreciate the little things. Two of Andrew's favorite gifts I've given him are a photo collage of his clients for his office, and a framed, calligraphy print of his favorite bible verse. If you're looking to do a print, Etsy has tons of pretty ones available that you can download and print right from your computer. 


8. Bluetooth headphones These are perfect for the gym or a guy whose always on the go. 


9. Cool shoes / sneakers


10. Team gear Whether you want to go the practical route with a team jersey, or get wild and get a giant cardboard cut-out of your mans favorite player like I did last year (Tom Brady has become quite the statement piece in our apartment), you can't lose when it comes to his favorite team. If you don't want to spend your whole Christmas budget on one official team jersey, check out this site for super discounted options. (They look a little shady, but I've never had any issues with them, just be prepared for a longer shipping time!)


11. Smell-good products. It might hurt their ego to admit it, but guys love to pamper themselves too. Body spray, beard wash, massage oil, etc. all make for a great stocking stuffer or gift idea. The Dirty scent from Lush Cosmetics is one of Andrew + I's absolute favorite scents. 


12. Inside jokes Nothing means more than something that was well thought out. One of Andrew and I's favorite TV shows is Friday Night Lights, so for his birthday I got him this "Saint Tim Riggins" candle. (This Etsy shop has all kinds of other funny character gifts.) Think of things that will make your man smile and think back on your favorite memories together, even if they seem ridiculous.


13. Quality basics Maybe it's just the guys I know, but it seems like most men will wear their socks, tees, boxers, etc, until they're faded and have holes. It may seem like a boring gift, but it's something your man will appreciate and use every day. 


14. Fresh Face I died the first time I saw these. An air freshener with your face on it. Or your dogs face. Genius. Give your man the gift of his favorite faces hanging from his mirror all well adding a little funny freshness to his car. 


15. Phone case with card holder. Tell me I'm not the only one who can't stand the rubber-banded money and card collection most guys carry around. Kill two birds with one stone by getting him a trendy phone case that also holds all his necessities. 


16. A cool + cozy desk chair. If your man works a job that has him sitting in a chair all day, why not treat him to an upgrade? It's a practical gift that he'll appreciate and will have him thinking of you while he's stuck at the office. 


17. Sonos system These speakers are amazing for having quality music play throughout your house at the touch of your fingers. They're a little pricey, but totally worth the investment. 


18. A "go bag". I made one of these for Andrew last year and it's one of his most used gifts ever. I was sick of him forgetting literally everything anytime we traveled, so I got him a chic leather cosmetic bag and filled it with all of the travel essentials like a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, beard/hair oil, etc. It's a sweet, unique way to help your man get his shit together.


19. Winter gear. Gloves, hats, scarves, etc. are another one of those things your man might not invest in, but would greatly appreciate having in the colder months. 


20. A tool kit. An excuse for your guy to show off his manly side, and an excuse for you to get your things fixed. It's a win-win. 


21. Smart plugs Andrew's dad actually got him these for Christmas last year and he is obsessed with them. These smart plugs allow you to tell Alexa to turn your TV, lamp, etc. on or off. Totally unnecessary, but totally fun. 


22. Shotski This is the perfect fun gift for that tailgater or pre-gamer in your life. 


23. Pup socks I got these with my face on them for Andrew last Valentine's day, and as stupid as they are, they're dang funny. 


24. Duffel bag This is another one of those things that I haven't witnessed many men invest in for themselves, so it's the perfect gift for any guy who does a lot of traveling, or even if he doesn't, it's always good to have one on hand. You could even fill it with other travel goodies like a go-bag, passport cover, a book, etc. 


I hope these ideas give you a great start on your holiday shopping! I'll be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for everyone on your list on my Instagram this month, so be sure to follow along there for more ideas!


Xo, Ana 

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